You haven’t heard of the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Recipe Book

Well, if you haven't heard about it then you may have been living under a small rock recently as the 'Paleo' way of eating has exploded among foodies and is becoming one of the fastest growing food trends ever.  The Paleo diet is also sometimes referred to as 'The Caveman Diet' because it supports the following awesome mantra: "if you can't kill it or grow it, don't eat it!"  Basically, it means cutting out all artificial and man-made substances from your diet and resorting back to the presumed way that we used to eat in ancient times.. when we didn't have easy-to-slice, bleached white bread at hand to pop in the toaster when we were peckish.

Cavemen and hunter gathers alike had to work for their food, they had to grow it, pick it or kill it and then even prepare it as well.. can you imagine such an era?  I love the simplicity of the way of eating that comes along with this diet - in fact, I don't believe "diet" to be the appropriate term for this, "diet" makes it seem slightly intimidating as I'm sure we can all agree.  No, Paleo is more of a way of life, a few simple changes to make to improve our eating habits.  In abolishing all artificial things from our diets we, in turn, can look forward to less illness and disease, more energy and a better ability to concentrate.  Perhaps we could achieve a lot more if we took some advice from Cavemen and worked for our food.

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  1. Copsey February 1, 2013 at 12:47 pm #

    Paleo actually takes a more rudimentary approach – as it is from Hunter/gatherer rather than farmer. They didn’t wait for things to grow, or harvest anything; it’s more like “if you can’t kill it or pick it”.. long live captain caveman!

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