A little bit about Little Wing

Little Wing was born out of a strange concoction of emotions and string of events.  Long-term friends, we joined forces again after coming back to the Surrey hills with a bag full of unapologetically entertaining (and educational, of course), heart-warming (and somewhat hazy) memories of three years at Uni and travelling in between.  We were ready for the next big thing - our dream careers, financial independence - generally an all round high-flyer lifestyle.  The reality was hilariously the opposite.  The world, in fact, did not fall at our feet as expected.

Desperately in need of a creative outlet, we decided to sketch out the skeleton of what would become Little Wing.  Scribbles on scraps of paper became "idea notebooks" which then became an exciting vision of what we could be capable of and finally, once we coined the name, a place in which all our scatty, fleeting daydreaming could turn into something tangible.

We've always been intrigued, outraged, inspired and humbled by different people's ideas, so here we collect and share our wondering thoughts, some stern opinions and treats for the eyes and ears, which are the source of our inspiration.  We think that there's nothing quite as nice as sharing, and this is where we hope you can take some of what we hear, who we meet and what we see because you may not have come across it before.

Nicole & Hana