Truly Unbelievable 3D Pavement Drawings

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On a daily basis, I am on the lookout for things that inspire me; a lot of things catch my eye.  People never fail to be the ones that impress me, whether they are musicians, artists or just fabulous characters; extraordinary things really make me smile.

It is slightly rare though that I am as taken aback as I was when I witnessed Julian Beever’s work for the first time.  This artist has truly taken chalk drawings on the pavement to a whole new level, and that level is 3D.

I mean we all ventured into a little bit of pavement art when we were young, hop-scotch, the odd bumble bee drawing and all that jazz, but I never would of thought of making it into a career; clearly I should of.  I would love to witness one of his drawings in person and get one of those cool pictures interacting with the drawing.

As you can see, there are all different types of drawings that he does, from coke bottles and laptops that appear to be popping up out of the ground to full on scenes that look as if the pavement has fallen in to reveal a terrific fantasy world below, a world which would be perhaps much more exciting than what's above ground in our reality.

Complete awe is what I feel when I see Beever’s new 3D creations, at first I simply couldn’t fathom them in reality, but he has made a believer out of me, a believer that geniuses do exist!  Julian Beever, you are quite the genius, you have left me quite speechless.  I would relish the opportunity to meet this man and discover what goes on in that brain of his for him to produce such masterpieces.

He has managed to gain almost 9000 likes on facebook and everyone seems to be talking about him, globally!

This is one guy that Little Wing will continue to follow, I don’t think I could ever get tired of his 3D pavement drawings, it is just such a spectacular idea and he executes each of his masterpieces with such class.

Follow this link to discover more of his work

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