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There’s no denying that vintage fashion has become hugely popular in the last ten years. Perhaps it is because we are enamoured with past decades and we urge for some 1920’s flapper glamour, or the romance of the 50’s, the psychedelic allure of the 70’s, or the structured big shoulders reminiscent of the 80’s. Maybe it’s because some of us have found the benefit of being thrifty, both to save some money and in the interest of being green. Regardless, vintage is where it’s at – a salute to the past as we incorporate it with the modern.

It’s difficult to find truly great vintage shops where the collections are nicely edited and picked with care for a true vintage customer. Many times you’re faced with a warehouse packed to the brim with second hand clothing and while you can really find some gems in places like that, you have to have the patience of a saint and the eye of an eagle. Luckily, That Vintage Shop in Kingston-upon-Thames is like the light at the end of the vintage shop tunnel. Here at Little Wing we had the pleasure of featuring a few of their pieces in our first fashion editorial. Located on Old London Road, it is a beautiful store filled with many treasures. It’s run by Katie, a young entrepreneur with fashion hardwired into her DNA – her grandmother was a designer and Katie followed in her footsteps at university, after which she decided to open up shop.

The result is a beautiful, comprehensive collection of vintage pieces that are relevant to our times. From a railing with stunning embellished oversized jumpers in a range of bright, bold hues such as scarlet red or royal blue, to the prettiest girly dresses in super sweet pastels, to reformed Levi’s cut-offs with leather inserts, choices are plentiful. The shop itself is perfect in terms of the merchandise layout, as it’s not overwhelming but rather really accessible. It’s got flare and personality; it’s got that certain je ne sais quoi that makes you want to take your time and stick around because you know you’re about to find something precious.

Not much is left to say except that you should go and check it out for yourselves! Definitely worth the visit. If you’re sceptical, ask the hundreds of vintage fashion lovers that frequent the shop from local towns and even those that come all the way from South West London.

Written By: Nicole McLennan

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