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Mr. Eames – Insomnia

It was one of those nights. Toss the covers off one leg. Turn to the left, unable to get comfortable. Turn to the right. No difference. I lay on my back closely listening to the fan above the bed, its blades making their whooshing sound, which I normally find mind-numbing and soothing, the perfect remedy for a noisy brain. But tonight it’s distracting and inefficient.

Ordinarily I’d be K.O’d after a long day at the office followed by one too many ciders in the evening summer sun. But sleep was determined to evade me so I reached for my phone. When all else fails, turn to the internet for light-hearted entertainment in the slow-ticking hours of the morning.

I was in the middle of typing ‘grumpy cat memes’ into Google when the phone vibrated. It startled me and dropped it on the bridge of my nose.


Scrambling to sit up and see who the hell had the audacity to call me at 3 am on a Tuesday, I saw his name flashing on the screen. I fumbled and nearly dropped it again but managed to answer in one quick swipe, just as I was about to miss it.

I half-exhaled, half-spoke a ‘hello’ into the receiver.

“I thought you’d be in a comatose state at this hour,” he said. His voice poured into my ears, husky and warm, immediately rescuing me from the shackles of insomnia.

Eames,” I said, trying to sound as composed and nonchalant as I possibly could. “You’ve been M.I.A for too long.”

He chuckled. “I’ve been,” long pause, “busy.”

“Busy?” Don’t pry, I had to remind myself. It was relatively easy not to ask too many questions because his elusive, mysterious persona was part of the appeal.  Our restraint from wanting to completely unravel this bizarre being is probably the only reason we’ve been able to keep in touch with him. I use that term loosely because keeping contact was completely on his terms and came as sporadically as a panda bear’s desire to procreate. We didn’t mind - some of the most enlightening experiences we’ve ever had have been thanks to him in one way or another, so we just let it be.

“Story for another day, though. Listen, I’d like some company for my next trip. I have two round trip tickets for you both.”

My cheeks flushed, my face was hot, I pounced out of bed and fist pumped the air. When I managed to compose myself, I realised how lucky I was that Eames isn’t partial to communicating via Skype. “Um, well I’ll have to see if I can get the time off work. And I have no idea if H is free. And more importantly, where the hell are you thinking of shipping us to? And how did you get the money?”

Don’t pry. Oops. I was getting too worked up.

He laughed whole-heartedly. “I called in some favours. As to where we’re going, well, you’ll find out when you get my email tomorrow. Are you in or are you out?”

Fuck it. “I’m in. I’ll call H in the morning.”

I switched on my fairy lights, put in my head phones in and played Buena Vista Social Club on repeat. Eames introduced me to Cuban music with the promise that once day we'd be sipping rum listening to the real deal.

God knows what I just got us into. Then I thought, why do I still have fairy lights?

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Ghost Loft – Seconds

LA's Danny Choi (AKA Ghost Loft) makes the kind of grooves that perfectly suit the end of a hard night's summer partying in the city as the sun's about to come up. Ghost Loft's bubbling, slow grooves are the essential cure for any post clubbing blues this summer.

Mr. Eames

Who is Mr. Eames? Find out about this elusive character here

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City and Colour – Silver & Gold

When he's not bursting eardrums in the hardcore group Alexisonfire, singer-songwriter Dallas Green (AKA City and Colour) goes to the opposite end of the spectrum with melancholic folk ballads that make lying in a field staring at up at the clouds feel like a perfectly reasonable way to spend a day.

Mr. Eames

Who is Mr. Eames? Find out about this elusive character here

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Bearcubs – Home

Spring is finally here and although the weather doesn't seem to be getting any warmer, I've taken the time to make you a little summer jam teaser playlist this week as it’s Bank Holiday on Monday to help you daydream about trips to the beach and barbecues under the stars.

First up is Bearcubs.

The London-based producer has created a track that can make you feel like you're driving to the beach no matter where you are. Seagulls and beats = good summer vibes! This is 'Home.'

Mr. Eames

Who is Mr. Eames? Find out about this elusive character here

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Hundred Waters – Boreal

The weather's getting warmer, nights are getting longer and US Band Hundred Waters provide the perfect soundtrack to a late night chill session under the stars with their hypnotic track 'Boreal'. Sounds like Four-Tet, Bjork and Tune-Yard's Merill Garbus messing around with a bunch of instruments… in a good way, of course.

Mr. Eames

Who is Mr. Eames? Find out about this elusive character here

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Mr. Eames

We met Mr. Eames during a mother of all road trips on Route 66. A little tired from a long day on the old two-lane road, we left our rented Mustang in a motel car park just outside Kansas, looking for somewhere to have a night cap and settle in. We spotted a bar across the road so we grabbed a few bucks and headed over.

We strolled into a dimly lit, smokey room. Surrounded by the usual middle America cliches that you tend to find in a bar along the open road in the late hours of the night, we spotted a mysterious looking man in the far corner. Slowly puffing away at a Lucky Strike, he sat in the shadows, pondering. His beard was impressive, tidy but full, and the silver streaks in his hair glistened. Who was he? Like moths to a flame, we were drawn to this enigmatic character.

Two tequilas and a couple of beers later we decided to satisfy our intrigue and the rest is history.  We spent all night discussing music, nature and contemplating the meaning of life. Every once in a while, when a familiar song came on the juke box, like a nimble jester Mr. Eames would be on the floor throwing shapes like nobody's business. It was a bizarre and enlightening experience.

Ever since that night, we joined forces with the elusive Mr. Eames to make the most of his knowledge and unmatched passion for music, which has resulted in a daily digest of the best and freshest new music around delicately combined with some classic tunes. During his travels around the world, Mr. Eames devours record after record, deciphering all the music trends and searching for the slickest tunes to send our way.

We never did see Mr. Eames again, but he calls us from time to time telling us stories of the crazy shit he gets up to in that unmistakable voice that is smooth like caramel. We'll make sure to share his most hilarious happenings with you.

This is What We Hear.

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