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Lizzy Caplan in “Fashion Film”

If you've ever seen Mean Girls or her latest film Bachelorette, you'll know how absolutely hilarious Lizzy Caplan is.  We love her dry humour and direct 'no shit' approach to life - well that's what comes off in her characters anyway and if she's anything like that, she's the kind of girl we want to meet.  Any crazy cat who has the confidence to tell it like it is and not care about the consequences sounds like a fun girl.  I imagine, though, that you'd want to always keep her on your side because being on the other end of that would probably be pretty upsetting.  Check out this film she stars in called  FASHION FILM by Matthew Frost on Vimeo.  It's a short, gorgeously filmed parody, take a look for yourself, it's a good'n!

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Parkour: run, jump, swing, roll, GO

What is it about seeing the 'Red Bull' logo on anything that makes you think, god this is going to be exciting?  Great marketing for one, but also it's also always bloody true.  On a peruse of Vimeo I discovered this Red Bull video on Parkour.  I looked up the term Parkour and it's extremely cool - it is a holistic training discipline using movement, it was developed out of military obstacle course training.  The idea is to keep your momentum going using any type of movement like running, climbing, vaulting, flipping, rolling, swinging, jumping... all whilst trying to maintain balance and safety.  Parkour has become increasingly popular from movies like District 13 and is a very cool thing to watch, especially if it is filmed in some sort of cool Urban space.  This one was set in the Turkish Old City of Mardin.

Red Bull Mardin Parkour from Daghan Celayir on Vimeo

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