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Every Summer has a Story


Is it true?  We think it is, we think the summer may have just arrived in Britain.. fair be it a bit late, but whatever we'll take it!  What is it about the sunshine that literally changes everyones personalities into bright, sparkling heroes?  It's amazing - I mean one day you're content, plodding along, perhaps a bit on the verge of depression, until the sun hits your face and BAM you're ecstatic for no apparent reason and can't stop smiling wide-eyed and frolicking in any passing field.  Is it the warmth on your face, the Vitamin D or all the builders getting their tops of that does it?  We're still contemplating!  It could also be due to the fact that Britain sees so little of the sun that we appreciate every squandering ray.

When the sun comes out, the parties begin, the grimy festivals are just around the corner and road trips are weekly.  Squeezing onto crowded beaches, finding the perfect summer outfits (that are effortlessly cool of course) and embracing being silly with your friends are some of our favourite parts.  The picture above captures those summer moments so well, we knew we had to share it with you.  Vive la soleil!

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