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Stylish Hardware by Melon Optics

“We work hard and we like to ride hard, so our equipment always takes a beating.”

Melon Optics gear demonstrates excellent craftsmanship cleverly combined with simple, refined design. For those of us who don’t want to forgo the action in the name of style, this is a brand that speaks volumes.

From goggles, to sunglasses for daily wear, to pretty cool apparel basics, you want to get your hands on anything with their trademark. Not to mention they're totally affordable. We urge you to have a peek at their website - if not for shopping, at least for their video-led blog entries, which will leave you day-dreaming about your next extreme adventure.

Stand-out pieces include their customisable classic design the LAYBACK and the TRIPPER from the premium collection… *swoon*


Words by: Nicole

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Dirty Velvet: A weird and wonderful world

It's not often that solid fashion meets sustainability. And because it's a rare combination, when it does occur it's definitely something worth noting.

"You Are Here"


This is why Dirty Velvet caught our attention -  a design collective focused on producing high quality clothing with designs that offer a creatively different perspective to the mainstream, created using both ecologically and socially sustainable methods.

Keyhole T

They've been producing original graphics since 2006 that "combine strong and thought provoking imagery to reflect their slightly twisted view of the world."


We strongly suggest you check them out. Any company that can boast originality in their design whilst being kind to the environment gets out vote. (Besides, Usain Bolt digs the brand, and he's a pretty cool dude.)

It's a menswear brand, but we're definitely getting our hands on any one of the t-shirts - they would look pretty slick with a pair of skinnies for a laid back look.

Peace out! LW


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