Nutella Brownies in 3 simple steps!

Sitting in on a grey Saturday afternoon, I've discovered a little recipe that will change all of our lives!  It's the simplest and most delicious brownie recipe ever.  Utilising the deliciousness and all round competency of the great Nutella, this recipe involves just 3 ingredients and 3 simple steps.  I found the recipe on and have made a small adaptation - instead of making lots of little brownies in cupcake cases (also a delightful way to go), I've chosen to make one big massive cookie shaped brownie, because we love to do things in excess, why not break some boundaries ey?


Here's the recipe:

1 cup / 280g Nutella

10 tablespoons / 62g Flour

2 Eggs

...and that's it!

Mm Nutella - how we love thou.


What to do:

Put all ingredients into a bowl, mix and jig it around.  Pour the mixture into a baking tin or muffin tin.  Optional: top with your choice of nuts for a fun twist.  Bake at 180C / 350F / Gas mark 4 for about 30 minutes, or a little longer until the middle is all cooked through.

Then you're finished and you can revel in the ease of baking, and your cleverness of course, whilst tucking into tasty Brownies.

What it looks like:






The Cookie Monster was just for fun 😉



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