Mr. Eames

We met Mr. Eames during a mother of all road trips on Route 66. A little tired from a long day on the old two-lane road, we left our rented Mustang in a motel car park just outside Kansas, looking for somewhere to have a night cap and settle in. We spotted a bar across the road so we grabbed a few bucks and headed over.

We strolled into a dimly lit, smokey room. Surrounded by the usual middle America cliches that you tend to find in a bar along the open road in the late hours of the night, we spotted a mysterious looking man in the far corner. Slowly puffing away at a Lucky Strike, he sat in the shadows, pondering. His beard was impressive, tidy but full, and the silver streaks in his hair glistened. Who was he? Like moths to a flame, we were drawn to this enigmatic character.

Two tequilas and a couple of beers later we decided to satisfy our intrigue and the rest is history.  We spent all night discussing music, nature and contemplating the meaning of life. Every once in a while, when a familiar song came on the juke box, like a nimble jester Mr. Eames would be on the floor throwing shapes like nobody's business. It was a bizarre and enlightening experience.

Ever since that night, we joined forces with the elusive Mr. Eames to make the most of his knowledge and unmatched passion for music, which has resulted in a daily digest of the best and freshest new music around delicately combined with some classic tunes. During his travels around the world, Mr. Eames devours record after record, deciphering all the music trends and searching for the slickest tunes to send our way.

We never did see Mr. Eames again, but he calls us from time to time telling us stories of the crazy shit he gets up to in that unmistakable voice that is smooth like caramel. We'll make sure to share his most hilarious happenings with you.

This is What We Hear.

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  10. Mr. Eames - Insomnia | - August 25, 2013

    […] “Eames,” I said, trying to sound as composed and nonchalant as I possibly could. “You’ve been M.I.A for too long.” […]

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