Juice Detox: tried, cheated, succeeded


So the weather has been a tease, is it winter is it summer?  Who knows these days.  Not us.  But we do have this feeling that summer is around the corner and it's all of a sudden going to creep up on us and we won't have had a chance to get that summer bikini body we always strive for each year!  In spirit of getting the body, one of us (Hana) has tried a juice detox over the past three days and I can hereby tell you that it is a definitely a difficult process, but it has definitely made me feel better and lose a quick few pounds.

With any routine or bad habit you want to break, there is a barrier you have to plough through to get to the sunny side of the road, and trust me, to do this you really need to be in the mood for it.  If you're not in high spirits to do the detox in the beginning then you're bound to cheat.  I won't tell a lie, I did cheat a tiny bit but only with very healthy snacks - my theory is "everything in moderation".  It's difficult to turn your life upside down on a sixpence, slowly does it, I say do what you can, but do make sure to push that little bit beyond your boundaries each time and you'll improve before you know it.  I'm still talking about the juice detox here but actually this theory can and should be applied to many of life's turmoils!

The detox that I found was from this book called Super Juice by Michael Van Straten which I have found to be super amazing.  It's colourful and easy to follow (my favourite kind of books).  Here is a list of his six top juice recipes to give you a taste.

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