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One sunny afternoon, somewhere in the United Kingdom, Little Wing met two very inspirational youths, both unique and compelling in their own ways.  Showcasing these two characters together was a last minute, but so it turns out, a perfect decision.  May Calamawy and Yasmeen Al-Naif are very different in many ways but manage to live together in total harmony and somehow bring out the best in each other.  These two girls live together in Dubai and both come from very diverse backgrounds.  May is half Egyptian, half Palestinian and Yasmeen is half Iraqi, half English, both are 24 years old.  Just by knowing their backgrounds you can be sure that they have travelled around a lot, met many people in different walks of life and heard many differing opinions about how life should be lived.  They have both taken all of their experiences in their stride and from this become well-rounded and enthusiastic young women.  Even though they have had similar up bringing’s, May and Yasmeen have grown up with separate ideas and differing ambitions.

May Calamawy is a strong minded person who knows exactly where she wants to go in life and knows the path that may take her there.  Everyday, she continues to take steps towards her ultimate goal of becoming a successful Actress and is already making a name for herself in Dubai.  May has made her own opportunities in her career, which is something to be particularly admired about her.  She has created and maintains a personal blog called ‘May’s Mad Tea Party’ where she writes about her thoughts, inspirations, goals and posts funny anecdotes.  From this alone, May has gone on to receive so much attention that she has bagged many an acting role and some free merchandise for advertising on her blog.  These rewards come from her sheer determination to publicise her own talent and personality; something that takes a large amount of confidence to do.  Using all of the media that is so easily accessible to us in this modern and technical century, May has taken full advantage and used it to benefit her career.  With the kind of ambition and perseverance that May holds, one can know that she will go far in her career.  May’s blog acts as her continually updated, creative and insightful CV.  To be inspired, visit her blog at:

Although May has known exactly what she wants to do in life at the tender age of 5, not everyone does, the journey to the decision of what to do with ones life can seem just as daunting as the journey of building one’s career.  For many youths in this generation, knowing what you want to do in life is a very tricky decision indeed whether your 18 or 28; especially with the amount of career choices there are these days.  From the entertainment industry to the ever-growing Internet industry to old-fashioned manual labour, there is a huge burden upon youths to decide what to do.

Someone who has taken this into consideration and overcome it by living for the now is Yasmeen   Al-Naif.  Yasmeen has experienced, just like many of us have, the uncertainty of what to do in life and how to get there.  Yasmeen, however, instead of dwelling on this thought over and over again to find the perfect solution, she grasped at a possibility that looked good for now.  She tried out banking for a while but wasn’t happy and didn’t quite enjoy it; she felt she needed more out of her career.  When visiting family in Dubai, Yasmeen was looking for a change.  She took a chance and applied for a couple of jobs in Dubai, a few days later one was hers and the change she was looking for had arrived.  That job was in Media and Advertising, something that she may have thought of in passing but never really dreamed about.  Over time, however, Yasmeen became good at her job and started to really enjoy it.  Sometimes, you have to grow into your career by going with what seems to be a good choice and seeing if you like it.  If it so happens that you become knowledgeable at what you do, you may start to enjoy it; after all we all love to do what we are good at in life.  This is a concept that Yasmeen demonstrated, she loves what she does now but also still maintains that when she decides its not for her she will move on to the next idea and see what’s best for her at that time.  She never wants to be held down and prefers to ride the waves as they come instead of forcing anything.  A different approach to May’s but one to be admired just the same.

Both May and Yasmeen demonstrate two different but equally effective ways of building their lives in the way that they choose.  Although they may not always agree on everything, they both appreciate each other’s way of approaching things, whether it be the dishes or their careers.  The key, it seems, to getting along with someone who is different than you is to understand and accept everyone’s views for what they are, and to use this knowledge to help yourself, rather than attempting to compete against it.

Written, Filmed and Photographed by: Hana Difrawy

Have a look at May's latest venture, she is one of the originals for the Stoli campaign in Dubai!

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