I love Jamie Oliver

It's official, Jamie Oliver is a genius for the reason that he has actually made me a good cook!  Granted I have step by step instructions in front of me detailing how to concoct such awesome meals, but alas that has never stopped me from ruining a fair few dinner times.  I was recently given a recipe book as a gift (possibly a hint to improve my cuisine skills) that has changed my life, that book was Jamie's 15 minute meals.  I believe Jamie has also made other books such as Jamie's 30 minute meals, however none have been as appealing as the 15 minute miracles.  This is probably because his 15 minute recipes generally take me at least an hour so any longer recipes and I'd surely be in the kitchen for days.. not so appealing.

These are a few that have been a success:

My personal favourite so far has probably got to be the aptly named "Sticky Kicking Chicken":

Let us know if you have a go at any recipes, we'd love to hear of your successes and mishaps!

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