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Mr. Eames

We met Mr. Eames during a mother of all road trips on Route 66. A little tired from a long day on the old two-lane road, we left our rented Mustang in a motel car park just outside Kansas, looking for somewhere to have a night cap and settle in. We spotted a bar across the road so we grabbed a few bucks and headed over.

We strolled into a dimly lit, smokey room. Surrounded by the usual middle America cliches that you tend to find in a bar along the open road in the late hours of the night, we spotted a mysterious looking man in the far corner. Slowly puffing away at a Lucky Strike, he sat in the shadows, pondering. His beard was impressive, tidy but full, and the silver streaks in his hair glistened. Who was he? Like moths to a flame, we were drawn to this enigmatic character.

Two tequilas and a couple of beers later we decided to satisfy our intrigue and the rest is history.  We spent all night discussing music, nature and contemplating the meaning of life. Every once in a while, when a familiar song came on the juke box, like a nimble jester Mr. Eames would be on the floor throwing shapes like nobody's business. It was a bizarre and enlightening experience.

Ever since that night, we joined forces with the elusive Mr. Eames to make the most of his knowledge and unmatched passion for music, which has resulted in a daily digest of the best and freshest new music around delicately combined with some classic tunes. During his travels around the world, Mr. Eames devours record after record, deciphering all the music trends and searching for the slickest tunes to send our way.

We never did see Mr. Eames again, but he calls us from time to time telling us stories of the crazy shit he gets up to in that unmistakable voice that is smooth like caramel. We'll make sure to share his most hilarious happenings with you.

This is What We Hear.

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Lorde: Sheer Bravado


Who is this beautiful lady?  Well, I can tell you that she is merely 16 years old and has started a music revelation that is spreading wildly from the shores of New Zealand.

Lorde has an amazingly powerful voice that demands control through your speakers, she also has a pretty sweet rap style going on at times.  Her songs are mixed with some rad modern beats that make you want to hit the floor.  As well as being a talented musical gem, she also has a mass of 80's curls that any girl would die for.  She's a pretty special lady, have a listen!

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A white, giant treat.

White Giant EP Artwork

We don't know much about this four-piece band (yet) but what we do know is that alternative indie group White Giant has been kicking up a storm in the Midlands since they got together late last year. With their energetic, fearless sound and stage presence, these boys have taken it upon themselves to create some pretty banging music for us to enjoy.

We'll have more on them in the near future - once we get the chance to go to Leicester, hit up some of their gigs and have a chat with them.

And so, without further ado, here's a link to their bandcamp page where you can download their self-titled EP (and you can name your price for it!)



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Exclusive pictures from A Night Underwater’s first video shoot


Drummer: Colin Miller

The boys from A Night Underwater have been busy at work! Little Wing got exclusive access to these pictures from the shoot of their upcoming video for 'Departures.' They endured freezing conditions last night to wrap up the last bits of filming with a super high-tech slow-mo camera. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

We'll be sure to keep you posted when it's released. In the meantime, you can download their album for free here and enjoy the sweet soundscapes from this epic band.


Lead Guitar: Elliott Briggs


Lead Singer, Acoustic Guitar: Dave Whayman


Bassist: Matt Macken; Drummer: Colin Miller; Lead Singer/Acoustic Guitar: Dave Whayman; Lead Guitar: Elliott Briggs


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Top 10 Best Chill-out Tunes

There seems to be music in this world to suit every mood, every occasion and every persons taste.  There is music that will cheer you up after a long day of work, music to gear you up for a great night out, even full blown raver music to blow your mind away into the night.  But the music that we're talking about here?  We're talking about music to chill to.  I, myself, am someone who appreciates and takes something from all different kinds of music: blues, soul, rock & roll, psy-trance - you name it, I have a mood for it!  Some of my favourite times in the world are when I come across an amazing song to put into the "chill-bank".  Here's a few of our top chill-out tunes:

1. Kings of Convenience - Misread

2. Darius - Maliblue

3. A Night Underwater - Days go

4. DJ Shadow - What does your soul look like? (Part 2)

5. Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition

6. Nightmares on Wax - Nights Interlude

7. Lucky Jim - Lovely to me

8. M83 - We own the sky

9. Conor Maynard - Starships (Live lounge)

10. Marvin Gaye - Sunny

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DJ Hedegaard remix — Smoke Weed Everyday

The Personal Thoughts of Hana Difrawy...

I've always had a place in my heart for the legend that is Snoop Dogg, I mean I use his language daily fo sheezey weezey and Dr. Dre has to be one of the most legit people in the Hip Hop business today.  When "The Next Episode" was originally released as a collaboration between Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, it was one of those songs that you listen to until you kill it, memorising every word along the way.. I did that.

I would hear the song every once in a while in club or at the pub and still know all of the lyrics, choosing only appropriate times to preform them of course.  And THEN, I was at our local pub last weekend for the usual SNR (Sunday Night at the Runner), when "The Next Episode" made an appearance through the speakers from someones i-pod, but oh no, this was no normal version of the song.  Suddenly a bit of sexy reggaeton was remixed into the groove, it caught me by surprise and definitely got me on my feet within less than 3 seconds.. that's pretty quick.. I was impressed.

I grabbed the owner of the i-pod and demanded to know how and where I could get it, so I did.  And here I present to you, the brilliant remix of "The Next Episode" by DJ Rasmus Hedegaard!!!  Look out for this geezer, he is a fabulous DJ and knows exactly how to work those decks to get you dancing and shaking everything you've got, check him out at:

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Metronomy: True Contenders

Last year we saw Metronomy rise to the occasion. Their world-wide English Riviera Tour was a complete success, proving to be top contenders in the music scene and towering above the melting pot of generic, boring and predictable alternative/electropop stuff out there. Little Wing was lucky enough to witness their very last show, the grand finale of the tour, at the Royal Albert Hall. We were mesmerized, to say the least, and thought that this is most definitely a band worth writing about.So, on a warm autumn evening in early October, Hana and I rocked up an hour late (as per usual), power-walking through the tunnel at High Street Kensington tube station, which by the way always seems like the longest tunnel in the history of tunnels. As we briskly walk up the stairs onto the street, Hana lights a cig and I pop a pill (Cold&Flu All in One – I had a terrible case of tonsillitis) and we leg it to the Albert.

To be completely honest with you, neither of us were die-hard Metronomy fans at this point. I’d heard of them about a year ago through my friend Lien, who actually bought the tickets but sadly couldn’t make it, and Hana had heard of them…24 hours prior to the actual gig. Needless to say, we were excited to be at a concert because we were in dire need of some live music for our ears, but we didn’t really know what the hell to expect. The result was a more than pleasant surprise –Metronomy is composed of four hugely talented musicians with a whole lot of stage swagger.

We caught one of the opening acts after getting a few bevvies in at the bar; an awesome foursome based in East London called Django Django. It’s a little difficult to really describe what they are all about. Not really electro-dance and not quite punk-funk, this band is definitely different and one to watch out for. They had a cool vibe, mixing live instruments with recorded electronic sounds, but you really have to listen to them yourselves to gather some sort of conclusion about their bizarre, yet oddly captivating soundscape. They definitely got us going, though!

After a short interval, and another whiskey and coke, it was time for Metronomy – that is of course after a rather unusual, muffled and far too long, introduction by a recorder quartet. They opened up with the title track to their third album, The English Riviera, and a brilliant mix of old (from their second LP, Nights Out) and new followed suit. It was a strange setting for a band that usually propels their listeners into a dancing frenzy, and the angst was palpable as spectators sat with their hands on their knees, edging off their chairs bit by bit to drummer Anna Prior’s pounding beats. Soon enough, producer and front man Joe Mount, with the help of super talented Oscar Cash on the keyboard and effortlessly cool Gbenga Adelekan on the bass, fired up the hall with Holiday and The Bay. People were buzzing, propping up from their seats bopping on the spot or rushing as far front as the ushers allowed.

About half an hour in came out favourite bit, when they played The Look. Not only was it one of the favourites, but Mr Cash got wheeled on stage in a movable keyboard contraption, playing that unmistakable tune. It was visual and audible perfection!

And so, midst a pumped up (mostly hipster) crowd, there we were, witnessing a sell-out, stellar performance that will stay with us forever. The lighting was also immense; it sucked you into the powerful synth of Metronomy’s music. It’s clear that these four are going places; it was hard not to be impressed. If you haven’t been to one of their gigs, go! I seriously recommend them.

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