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Juice Detox: tried, cheated, succeeded


So the weather has been a tease, is it winter is it summer?  Who knows these days.  Not us.  But we do have this feeling that summer is around the corner and it's all of a sudden going to creep up on us and we won't have had a chance to get that summer bikini body we always strive for each year!  In spirit of getting the body, one of us (Hana) has tried a juice detox over the past three days and I can hereby tell you that it is a definitely a difficult process, but it has definitely made me feel better and lose a quick few pounds.

With any routine or bad habit you want to break, there is a barrier you have to plough through to get to the sunny side of the road, and trust me, to do this you really need to be in the mood for it.  If you're not in high spirits to do the detox in the beginning then you're bound to cheat.  I won't tell a lie, I did cheat a tiny bit but only with very healthy snacks - my theory is "everything in moderation".  It's difficult to turn your life upside down on a sixpence, slowly does it, I say do what you can, but do make sure to push that little bit beyond your boundaries each time and you'll improve before you know it.  I'm still talking about the juice detox here but actually this theory can and should be applied to many of life's turmoils!

The detox that I found was from this book called Super Juice by Michael Van Straten which I have found to be super amazing.  It's colourful and easy to follow (my favourite kind of books).  Here is a list of his six top juice recipes to give you a taste.

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You haven’t heard of the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Recipe Book

Well, if you haven't heard about it then you may have been living under a small rock recently as the 'Paleo' way of eating has exploded among foodies and is becoming one of the fastest growing food trends ever.  The Paleo diet is also sometimes referred to as 'The Caveman Diet' because it supports the following awesome mantra: "if you can't kill it or grow it, don't eat it!"  Basically, it means cutting out all artificial and man-made substances from your diet and resorting back to the presumed way that we used to eat in ancient times.. when we didn't have easy-to-slice, bleached white bread at hand to pop in the toaster when we were peckish.

Cavemen and hunter gathers alike had to work for their food, they had to grow it, pick it or kill it and then even prepare it as well.. can you imagine such an era?  I love the simplicity of the way of eating that comes along with this diet - in fact, I don't believe "diet" to be the appropriate term for this, "diet" makes it seem slightly intimidating as I'm sure we can all agree.  No, Paleo is more of a way of life, a few simple changes to make to improve our eating habits.  In abolishing all artificial things from our diets we, in turn, can look forward to less illness and disease, more energy and a better ability to concentrate.  Perhaps we could achieve a lot more if we took some advice from Cavemen and worked for our food.

Click Here to check out an amazing Paleo Recipe Book that shows you exactly how to eat the Paleo way!

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Recommended Reading: Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole series

This Norwegian author is, without a doubt, in a league of his own.

jo nesbo

Not only is Jo Nesbo a master at writing crime novels, he is also one of Norways biggest rock stars, a retired stockborker and was even a football player once.

We’ve already devoured four of his books based on Inspector Harry Hole and much to our delight, the first instalment of the series, “The Bat” has finally been translated into English!

If you fancy reading a a series that will have your pulse racing from start to finish, book after book, we suggest you pick up a copy of any of his novels. For the ultimate experience and to truly delve into and immerse yourself in Harry Hole's world - start from the beginning.

Listen his BBC Radio 4 interview here.

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Peanut Butter Banana Bread

"Baby, it's cold outside."  No, I mean really cold - snowing and everything, minus degrees and all.  On this fine weekend, the cold and heinous weather inspired this warming recipe for Peanut Butter Banana Bread.  Adapted from a recipe by 'Joy the Baker' - this bread is an absolute winner, and it will warm up your kitchen and make your house smell amazing - beware, you'll want to eat every morsel of it in one sitting.


A great way to mash the bananas is to peel them and squeeze them with your fingers over a mixing bowl (this also is a great stress reliever) - try to squeeze until most of the lumps are gone.

Feel free to adjust the sugar levels in this bread to your liking.  The measurement is 1 cup but it works out just the same if you use a little less or a little more.  Adding nuts and chocolate is also optional so this is a great recipe to play with, make it your own, depending on your mood.


What you need:

  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • ½ cup all-purpose flour
  • ¾ teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 2 cups mashed bananas (3-4 bananas)
  • 3 tablespoons melted, unsalted butter
  • ⅓ cup creamy peanut butter
  • ⅓ cup fat-free yoghurt/sour cream
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ⅓ cup chopped walnuts (optional)
  • ⅓ cup chocolate chips (optional)
What to do:
  1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees C
  2. Use butter and flour to grease a good sized loaf pan
  3. Mix flours, baking soda, salt and spices in a large bowl
  4. In a medium bowl, squish & mix mashed bananas, butter, peanut butter and yoghurt
  5. Add eggs, sugar and vanilla and blend until smooth
  6. Pour wet mixture into dry ingredients and stir together until all flour is combined
  7. Fold in nuts and chocolate chips
  8. Pour the batter into the pan and bake for about an hour (when a knife comes out clean, it's ready)
  9. Let the bread cool down before removing from the pan
  10. Then slice and enjoy!
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In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.


It is said that way back when in the 1930's when JRR Tolkien was in Oxford University grading papers, he came across a blank page amongst the others and out of the blue he wrote on it: "in a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit".  Unbeknown to him, this would go on to be the first line of a literary phenomenon that would capture hearts and imaginations all over the world.  This was the beginning of an "unexpected journey" for Tolkien, not dissimilar from that of the hobbit in question, Bilbo Baggins.

After an epic trilogy directed by Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings was a hard act to follow.  Now delving back into Middle Earth, Jackson had another major task on his hands in delivering one of the most beloved fantasy books of our time into film.  As the first part of another (sure to be epic) trilogy, The Hobbit was a great start.


Martin Freeman gives an endearing and inspiring performance as the courageous hobbit that chooses to step out of the comfort of his shire and embark on a big adventure with Gandalf the Grey and a dozen dwarves.  During his unexpected journey, Bilbo encounters majestic elves, monster-like orcs (the stuff of nightmares), a schizophrenic goblin, giant flying eagles and a few other certainly unexpected surprises.

Just like the book, the movie showcases the courage and determination of one small little Hobbit that took a chance and proved that his bravery could match anyone stronger or more fight-worthy than him.


There were a lot of moments that I loved in this film but the most captivating has to be the scene where Bilbo first meets Smeagol, the schizo, scary but sweet (in a way) goblin.  Smeagol and his "evil half" Gollum are in constant battle to fight their way out and stay in control.  When Gollum comes across a juicy hobbit in his dark cave, he thinks he's gotten lucky with a tasty meal until Bilbo decides to play a game of riddles with Smeagol instead.  The special effects are genius and the character of Gollum brilliantly played by Andy Serkis.

A piece of cinema not to be missed.

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Burger or Lobster. It’s as simple as that!


Last night we took a little stroll down Dean Street in London's Soho. Our aim was to find one of the most talked about restaurants in town: Burger & Lobster. It was recommended a few weeks ago by a fellow food lover so we decided to give it a go, despite the warning of a long wait before being seated.

I'm not a huge fan of waiting for food. I'm pretty impatient, especially after work when I tend to feel rather peckish. Nevertheless, we had visitors all the way from Colombia, so this was a must. And let me tell you - it was well worth the hour and a half wait. Like, really worth it.

We chilled by the bar with some mojitos (9.50 a pop, but if this is a bit too steep for your liking, the maître d' takes your name and number so you can go for drinks elsewhere while you wait for your table) chatting about this and that, filled with anticipation as waiters went to and fro carrying delectable platters teasing us with incredible smells.

Finally seated in our booth, we were given a pretty straighforward choice - it's all in the name  - burger or lobster. You can have the lobster whole or in a sweet brioche bun or you can have a beef burger, all accompanied by skinny fries and a bowl of salad. Without a doubt in our minds, we went for the whole lobster and the bun and I haven't been so happy about eating something since I tried a pork burrito in the Mexican eatery Wahaca (another story for a different day). The lobster meat was cooked to perfection, succulent and served with a heavenly garlic and butter sauce on the side. Chips - crispy. Salad - refreshing. The meal in its entirety - finger-lickin' good.

Go to this place. I urge you. Each platter is £20, a reasonable price for a filling and totally banging meal.

They have several locations, too. Check out their website here.

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Bucket List: One-a-day Challenge


A challenge pour vous! #LWBucketList

Since we've successfully survived the much over-hyped year of 2012, we think now is the perfect time to write a great 'Bucket List' and make a resolution to work through it this year as much as we all possibly can.

Nicole and I will be putting our heads together to come up with an epic combination of our dreams and aspirations.  We commit to coming up with 'one a day for the Bucket List' and we invite you to do the same!

Let's create a great list together.  Use the hashtag #LWBucketList and get creative; show us your ultimate "Things to do before you die" through photos, images, illustrations or written musings.

Keep a look out on for our Bucket List below where we'll be updating the gallery daily, and keep us filled in on yours through your preferred social site: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook.

At the end of the month we'll put all the great ones together and create 'The Ultimate Bucket List'.

We can't wait to see what you come up with 🙂

Little Wing

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Nutella Brownies in 3 simple steps!

Sitting in on a grey Saturday afternoon, I've discovered a little recipe that will change all of our lives!  It's the simplest and most delicious brownie recipe ever.  Utilising the deliciousness and all round competency of the great Nutella, this recipe involves just 3 ingredients and 3 simple steps.  I found the recipe on and have made a small adaptation - instead of making lots of little brownies in cupcake cases (also a delightful way to go), I've chosen to make one big massive cookie shaped brownie, because we love to do things in excess, why not break some boundaries ey?


Here's the recipe:

1 cup / 280g Nutella

10 tablespoons / 62g Flour

2 Eggs

...and that's it!

Mm Nutella - how we love thou.


What to do:

Put all ingredients into a bowl, mix and jig it around.  Pour the mixture into a baking tin or muffin tin.  Optional: top with your choice of nuts for a fun twist.  Bake at 180C / 350F / Gas mark 4 for about 30 minutes, or a little longer until the middle is all cooked through.

Then you're finished and you can revel in the ease of baking, and your cleverness of course, whilst tucking into tasty Brownies.

What it looks like:






The Cookie Monster was just for fun 😉



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This New Year – Make mistakes

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never done before, and more importantly, you're Doing Something. So that's my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody's ever made before. Don't freeze, don't stop, don't worry that it isn't good enough, or it isn't perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life. Whatever it is you're scared of doing, Do it. Make your mistakes, next year and forever.”
Neil Gaiman
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An eager attempt at baking

We are so happy to have our new 'Food' section up and running that we've decided to try and test as many recipe's as possible and share with you our successes and misfortunes.  Here is my (not so impressive) attempt at baking a fantastic recipe: Spiced Oatmeal Cookies, captured by me and my trusted companion.. iPhone.


First step, cream shortening and brown sugar in a bowl.  (For the shortening, you can use half a cup of butter and half a cup of margarine)

Then, add the eggs & milk and mix well.

Next combine the flour, oats, baking soda, salt and cinnamon in a separate bowl.

This is where I went slightly wrong and decided to add a large amount of dried coconut flakes - why not be adventurous I thought..

Add the dry mixture to the creamed mixture.

Fold over until it looks something like this:


Finally, use a spoon to drop small balls of the mixture on to a greased baking tray, keeping them approximately 2 inches apart from each other.


Bake at 350° for 12-15 minutes or until done. 

You should end up with a couple dozen cookies depending on how large or small you'd like them.  They should look like this!


The extra coconut that I added made the cookies a little bit dry, so the lesson of the moment is to follow the recipe exactly!  Other than that they were great cookies - the batter tastes pretty awesome as well.. just saying.

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Must have: Cambridge Satchel

An old classic turned into a modern phenomenon!  It's not just the satchels that we're obsessing over, it's the branding and the whole story behind this company.  If you haven't had a chance to hear about how The Cambridge Satchel Company came about then have a look at the video below and see Julie's journey.  She makes it look so easy!

These Cambridge Satchel's are the perfect mix of a usable classic handbag mixed with cool colours and great craftsmanship.  We're very excited about the fact that bright coloured handbags are around and about.. we're suckers for bright coloured accessories and what an awesome way to brighten up a dull winters day!

Loved by bloggers and fashionistas all over the world, Julie's humble idea has exploded in the fashion industry and is pouring all over our social media pages.  And we say all the more power to you!  We're inspired and hope to achieve half the success that Julie has.

Love The Cambridge Satchel company?  Let us know which colour you're saving for 🙂

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I love Jamie Oliver

It's official, Jamie Oliver is a genius for the reason that he has actually made me a good cook!  Granted I have step by step instructions in front of me detailing how to concoct such awesome meals, but alas that has never stopped me from ruining a fair few dinner times.  I was recently given a recipe book as a gift (possibly a hint to improve my cuisine skills) that has changed my life, that book was Jamie's 15 minute meals.  I believe Jamie has also made other books such as Jamie's 30 minute meals, however none have been as appealing as the 15 minute miracles.  This is probably because his 15 minute recipes generally take me at least an hour so any longer recipes and I'd surely be in the kitchen for days.. not so appealing.

These are a few that have been a success:

My personal favourite so far has probably got to be the aptly named "Sticky Kicking Chicken":

Let us know if you have a go at any recipes, we'd love to hear of your successes and mishaps!

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The Lipstick

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I feel the warmth of the early morning sun. Its subtle heat cocoons me making it difficult to stay awake. My eyelids are heavy; my skin tingles and every inch of my body wants to cave in. But I quickly remember why I got out of bed at 6 am sharp in the first place and fight the urge to curl up and let my body sink into the covers and my mind sink into unconsciousness.

This is where I feel the safest. This is the only place where I can slow down. My brain is used to going a hundred miles an hour; worrying, analysing, over analysing whatever’s already been analysed. But not here. I can forget here.

Coffee is brewing downstairs. I can hear the faint bubbling noise the water makes as it boils in the machine, followed by a drip-drip beat, and then a sudden burst of the sweet smell of Arabica beans invades every corner of every room, so inviting and familiar. The house comes alive as everyone follows their daily routine. Heels clicking hurriedly on the wooden floor landing; hairdryers buzzing in the bathrooms; softly spoken chit chat at the breakfast table; one by one departing until the big iron door is slammed shut for the last time leaving the two of us alone.

I sit patiently on the edge of the bed feeling a little anxious from the events of the past year, wondering what took me so long to come back. Ninety-two seconds pass as I stare at the neon green alarm clock on the bedside table. It looks absurd and out of place in the one room of the house that has managed to escape the claws of modernity and change. Finally, she comes in. Following her trajectory from the door to the dressing table with total undivided attention, it strikes me how this frail woman’s every movement is still so graceful and elegant. That trait definitely skipped a generation or two, I muse.

There’s this discernible stillness that she commands when entering a space. Apart from the tiny particles of dust dancing around the sunrays that penetrate the window, it seems like the world stops revolving and I feel forced to hold my breath as if the smallest of movements would interfere with this ritual. She sits in front of the mirror reaching for the iron clad key that opens the top drawer of her ageing wooden dressing table that holds all of her most prized possessions. She takes out a tortoise shell case that holds pressed powder, a round brittle hair brush that she’s used for 20 years and a red Revlon lipstick. Humming Blue Danube by Johann Strauss, the first song she taught me to play on her grand piano, she places each item lovingly and carefully in front of her, glancing intermittently at a picture of her husband that was taken the year before he died.

Her cotton white hair with silver streaks, that to the touch is just like silk, catches the sunlight and gleams, almost sparkles, creating an aura around her that makes her look angelic. She gently brushes back her bob with the round brittle brush and not a single strand is out of place. She inspects it in the mirror meticulously, turning her head from side to side and when she’s satisfied she places down the round brittle brush exactly where she picked it up from and opens the tortoise shell case. Her fingers are long and bony; her joints slightly swollen from sewing crochet doilies, the top of her hands sprinkled with little brown spots that give away her age. Inside the case is a thin round sponge which she pats onto the pressed powder and then strokes her cheeks, then her nose, then her forehead. Her face fascinates me; it tells a story of pain and joy, of struggle and achievement. It’s enigmatic. She has almost lived a century and yet her skin is still plump, full of colour, and apart from the trademark family wrinkle – a deep crevice on either cheek stretching from each arch of the nose down to the chin – she barely has any. Her eyes are full of life, concern and love for the things and people around her, yet there’s an emptiness that will never be filled again. She carries her past with a remarkable lightness of being and even though she has experienced so much, she somehow defies the passing of time.

Still humming the work of Strauss, she places the tortoise shell case exactly where she picked it up from and reaches for the red Revlon lipstick. The final touch. The grand finale. The first time I ever bought a lipstick, I bought the same one. The same make, the same shade. I remember standing in front of my bathroom mirror trying to emulate her precise method, but ended up with it all over my teeth as I awkwardly stretched my mouth for precision. She puckers her thin lips and does the bottom and the top in two swift movements with astounding accuracy. She presses them together to make the texture smooth and even, the cupid's bow emphasized by the rouge tint. Looking at me through the mirror she winks slyly, a little crease forming at each end of her mouth. Still in her dressing gown, she looks more glamorous than I’ve ever seen a woman look.

As the tortoise shell case, the round brittle hair brush and the red Revlon lipstick go back in the top drawer where she keeps her most prized possessions, I sit on the edge of the bed still watching her with total undivided attention. She locks the drawer with the iron clad key, gets up and walks to the window and I snap out of that beautiful, dream-like condition. I no longer feel anxious. I feel free and I feel light. It’s strange how such small, seemingly mundane moments can be so cathartic, but I understand why. We need moments that make time feel inconsequential, moments that are so pure and so dear to you and are so embedded within you that it only takes a second to transport yourself and escape.

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Burberry: ‘Art of the Trench’

Last weekend saw Burberry bring together all lovers of the iconic Trench Coat! Burberry hosted a very exciting event in India to celebrate the ‘Art of the Trench’. Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey curated an interactive exhibition that featured photographs of people wearing iconic Burberry Trench Coats throughout Delhi and Mumbai. "I am incredibly excited about our Art of the Trench India project that we’ve been working on. We have this incredible portfolio of portraits taken by Manou, the Indian streetstyle photographer, throughout Delhi and Mumbai of people wearing their iconic trench coats which we are thrilled to be showcasing both physically and digitally.”

At the event, there were LED screens placed strategically around the room all displaying street-style portraits, some were taken by Indian photographer Manou and others by the public. Burberry now invites all of us all around the world to take candid photos of each other sporting a trench and upload them to the ‘Art of the Trench’ website. The website is fully integrated with Social Networking; it works to celebrate the iconic Burberry trench coat and the people who wear it.  The trench is an iconic piece of British apparel, one that certainly deserves a celebration to this standard!

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That Vintage Shop

There’s no denying that vintage fashion has become hugely popular in the last ten years. Perhaps it is because we are enamoured with past decades and we urge for some 1920’s flapper glamour, or the romance of the 50’s, the psychedelic allure of the 70’s, or the structured big shoulders reminiscent of the 80’s. Maybe it’s because some of us have found the benefit of being thrifty, both to save some money and in the interest of being green. Regardless, vintage is where it’s at – a salute to the past as we incorporate it with the modern.

It’s difficult to find truly great vintage shops where the collections are nicely edited and picked with care for a true vintage customer. Many times you’re faced with a warehouse packed to the brim with second hand clothing and while you can really find some gems in places like that, you have to have the patience of a saint and the eye of an eagle. Luckily, That Vintage Shop in Kingston-upon-Thames is like the light at the end of the vintage shop tunnel. Here at Little Wing we had the pleasure of featuring a few of their pieces in our first fashion editorial. Located on Old London Road, it is a beautiful store filled with many treasures. It’s run by Katie, a young entrepreneur with fashion hardwired into her DNA – her grandmother was a designer and Katie followed in her footsteps at university, after which she decided to open up shop.

The result is a beautiful, comprehensive collection of vintage pieces that are relevant to our times. From a railing with stunning embellished oversized jumpers in a range of bright, bold hues such as scarlet red or royal blue, to the prettiest girly dresses in super sweet pastels, to reformed Levi’s cut-offs with leather inserts, choices are plentiful. The shop itself is perfect in terms of the merchandise layout, as it’s not overwhelming but rather really accessible. It’s got flare and personality; it’s got that certain je ne sais quoi that makes you want to take your time and stick around because you know you’re about to find something precious.

Not much is left to say except that you should go and check it out for yourselves! Definitely worth the visit. If you’re sceptical, ask the hundreds of vintage fashion lovers that frequent the shop from local towns and even those that come all the way from South West London.

Written By: Nicole McLennan

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