Burberry: ‘Art of the Trench’

Last weekend saw Burberry bring together all lovers of the iconic Trench Coat! Burberry hosted a very exciting event in India to celebrate the ‘Art of the Trench’. Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey curated an interactive exhibition that featured photographs of people wearing iconic Burberry Trench Coats throughout Delhi and Mumbai. "I am incredibly excited about our Art of the Trench India project that we’ve been working on. We have this incredible portfolio of portraits taken by Manou, the Indian streetstyle photographer, throughout Delhi and Mumbai of people wearing their iconic trench coats which we are thrilled to be showcasing both physically and digitally.”

At the event, there were LED screens placed strategically around the room all displaying street-style portraits, some were taken by Indian photographer Manou and others by the public. Burberry now invites all of us all around the world to take candid photos of each other sporting a trench and upload them to the ‘Art of the Trench’ website. The website is fully integrated with Social Networking; it works to celebrate the iconic Burberry trench coat and the people who wear it.  The trench is an iconic piece of British apparel, one that certainly deserves a celebration to this standard!

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