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FUNI – The coolest Knits on & off the slopes!


Always on the lookout for cool new ski wear for the winter season, a friend turned us towards this brand of knitwear called FUNI.  After a little bit of searching and researching into FUNI, we discovered that not only do they make really awesome looking knitwear like beanies, scarfs and headbands but they also look out for the environment and give back to charity whilst making a name for themselves.  The best part is, FUNI was started by a humble chalet girl called Jemma who was doing a season in the Alps when she thought of the idea.


Back in 2007, Jemma decided that working for a large company in a crowded city for peanuts was not her calling in life so she quit her job and headed over to the Alps to do a season snowboarding.  Happy to finally be shredding the powder and getting some much needed mountain air, Jemma decided to take up another hobby - knitting.  She bought some wool, some supplies and learned how to knit her first beanie on YouTube, her friend loved the beanie and bought it right off her for more than she had paid to make it!  This was the start of something big.  After spending a few seasons knitting and selling her beanies, Jemma took the plunge and started her company, FUNI which has taken the slopes and the streets by storm.


FUNI is now a fully fledged, ethical and just brilliant company.  Spending more time marketing and building her brand, Jemma employs lots of lovely knitting grannies in the UK to make the knitwear for her… perfect!

Building such a large scale company can sometimes come at a price of forgetting some of your morals - this has not been the case in the slightest with FUNI.  They stay ethical and environmentally friendly wherever possible; whether it's recycled yarns, vegetable ink in their printers or British granny power instead of cheap foreign labour - they make sure every item comes to you with eco-friendly fairness.  "Respect and Protect" all the way!!


Our personal favourites on the FUNI website: www.funiwear.com are the headbands and beanies hands down.  AND there is a fun surprise on there which has caught our attention.  There is a section on the site called "Hat Designer" where you can.. wait for it.. Design your own beanie.  I know, we've spent ages on there already.  There are different styles you can choose from and fill in the colours of your choosing, similar to designing your own Nike ID trainer.  It's really easy to use and really fun so check it out: here


Let us know what you think of FUNI and if you are ready to kit yourself out for next season in the comments below or join us on Facebook at: Facebook.com/littlewingmagazine

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Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc – Wake me up

"Wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself and I didn't know I was lost."  Poignant lyrics sang by Aloe Blacc.  I really love those lyrics and am just going to leave them to speak for themselves.  Who I really want to talk about is Avicii, I've heard of Avicii a few times over the past few years but nothing has ever really prompted me to look him up and find out a bit more about him until this tune.

This song makes me want to be at an outdoorsy festival, dancing with a drink in hand next to my favourite people, it was because of this that I went on a little search of said DJ genius.  It turns out Avicii is a young and extremely talented Swedish DJ, record producer and remixer who was named the 3rd top DJ in the world by DJ Magazine in 2012.  His house beats and funky melodies have become a recognisable style that he is constantly improving and shaking up.  Avicii plays regular sets in Ibiza and it seems like he's conquering the music world already, at only 24 years old - respect.

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Every Summer has a Story


Is it true?  We think it is, we think the summer may have just arrived in Britain.. fair be it a bit late, but whatever we'll take it!  What is it about the sunshine that literally changes everyones personalities into bright, sparkling heroes?  It's amazing - I mean one day you're content, plodding along, perhaps a bit on the verge of depression, until the sun hits your face and BAM you're ecstatic for no apparent reason and can't stop smiling wide-eyed and frolicking in any passing field.  Is it the warmth on your face, the Vitamin D or all the builders getting their tops of that does it?  We're still contemplating!  It could also be due to the fact that Britain sees so little of the sun that we appreciate every squandering ray.

When the sun comes out, the parties begin, the grimy festivals are just around the corner and road trips are weekly.  Squeezing onto crowded beaches, finding the perfect summer outfits (that are effortlessly cool of course) and embracing being silly with your friends are some of our favourite parts.  The picture above captures those summer moments so well, we knew we had to share it with you.  Vive la soleil!

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Lizzy Caplan in “Fashion Film”

If you've ever seen Mean Girls or her latest film Bachelorette, you'll know how absolutely hilarious Lizzy Caplan is.  We love her dry humour and direct 'no shit' approach to life - well that's what comes off in her characters anyway and if she's anything like that, she's the kind of girl we want to meet.  Any crazy cat who has the confidence to tell it like it is and not care about the consequences sounds like a fun girl.  I imagine, though, that you'd want to always keep her on your side because being on the other end of that would probably be pretty upsetting.  Check out this film she stars in called  FASHION FILM by Matthew Frost on Vimeo.  It's a short, gorgeously filmed parody, take a look for yourself, it's a good'n!

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Juice Detox: tried, cheated, succeeded


So the weather has been a tease, is it winter is it summer?  Who knows these days.  Not us.  But we do have this feeling that summer is around the corner and it's all of a sudden going to creep up on us and we won't have had a chance to get that summer bikini body we always strive for each year!  In spirit of getting the body, one of us (Hana) has tried a juice detox over the past three days and I can hereby tell you that it is a definitely a difficult process, but it has definitely made me feel better and lose a quick few pounds.

With any routine or bad habit you want to break, there is a barrier you have to plough through to get to the sunny side of the road, and trust me, to do this you really need to be in the mood for it.  If you're not in high spirits to do the detox in the beginning then you're bound to cheat.  I won't tell a lie, I did cheat a tiny bit but only with very healthy snacks - my theory is "everything in moderation".  It's difficult to turn your life upside down on a sixpence, slowly does it, I say do what you can, but do make sure to push that little bit beyond your boundaries each time and you'll improve before you know it.  I'm still talking about the juice detox here but actually this theory can and should be applied to many of life's turmoils!

The detox that I found was from this book called Super Juice by Michael Van Straten which I have found to be super amazing.  It's colourful and easy to follow (my favourite kind of books).  Here is a list of his six top juice recipes to give you a taste.

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Hundred Waters – Boreal

The weather's getting warmer, nights are getting longer and US Band Hundred Waters provide the perfect soundtrack to a late night chill session under the stars with their hypnotic track 'Boreal'. Sounds like Four-Tet, Bjork and Tune-Yard's Merill Garbus messing around with a bunch of instruments… in a good way, of course.

Mr. Eames

Who is Mr. Eames? Find out about this elusive character here

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Kiev – 3rnd

Trippy American indie band Kiev make that kind of alternative/progressive/experimental rock music that the Americans seem to do so well, which is mainly making it listenable, and trust me that's a hard thing to do! Like a smooth blend of Beck, My Morning Jacket and Radiohead in their more upbeat moments, '3rnd' is a great tune to cruise through the desert in an open-top Chevy, Hunter S Thompson style!

Mr. Eames

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Chet Faker – Archangel

Chet Faker is one of the brightest amongst an ever growing sea of Aussie music stars. Alongside artists such as Flume, Tame Impala, Matt Corby & Elizabeth Rose, Faker looks set to spearhead Australia's burgeoning electro/dubstep/post-rock movement across the rest of the world. Not only does he have an awesome beard, he also makes brilliant tunes! Check out his brooding cover of Burial's track 'Archangel.'

Mr. Eames

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Jamie Lidell – Don’t You love Me

Jamie Lidell has been on the scene for sometime now, his early journey into the realms of beatboxing and techno music have slowly evolved into a mixture of blue-eyed soul, electro and funk. Lidell is one of the most creative and talented British artists working today and his latest self-titled album sounds like Prince and Stevie Wonder jamming with 'Speakerboxxx' era OutKast. Awesome!

Mr. Eames

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Kelly Joe Phelps – Country Blues live

Kelly Joe Phelps is one of those artists you've probably never heard of unless you go out looking for that kind of thing. He seems to be content with flying under the radar, avoiding publicity. However, this US free jazz influenced guitar virtuoso makes blues-folk music like no other. Intricate and captivating guitar arrangements accompanied buy a husky yet melodic voice make Phelps an artist worth finding out about! Just watch this hypnotising performance of 'Country Blues' and you'll see what I'm talkin' bout y'all.

Mr. Eames

Who is Mr. Eames?  Find out his story here

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Mr. Eames

We met Mr. Eames during a mother of all road trips on Route 66. A little tired from a long day on the old two-lane road, we left our rented Mustang in a motel car park just outside Kansas, looking for somewhere to have a night cap and settle in. We spotted a bar across the road so we grabbed a few bucks and headed over.

We strolled into a dimly lit, smokey room. Surrounded by the usual middle America cliches that you tend to find in a bar along the open road in the late hours of the night, we spotted a mysterious looking man in the far corner. Slowly puffing away at a Lucky Strike, he sat in the shadows, pondering. His beard was impressive, tidy but full, and the silver streaks in his hair glistened. Who was he? Like moths to a flame, we were drawn to this enigmatic character.

Two tequilas and a couple of beers later we decided to satisfy our intrigue and the rest is history.  We spent all night discussing music, nature and contemplating the meaning of life. Every once in a while, when a familiar song came on the juke box, like a nimble jester Mr. Eames would be on the floor throwing shapes like nobody's business. It was a bizarre and enlightening experience.

Ever since that night, we joined forces with the elusive Mr. Eames to make the most of his knowledge and unmatched passion for music, which has resulted in a daily digest of the best and freshest new music around delicately combined with some classic tunes. During his travels around the world, Mr. Eames devours record after record, deciphering all the music trends and searching for the slickest tunes to send our way.

We never did see Mr. Eames again, but he calls us from time to time telling us stories of the crazy shit he gets up to in that unmistakable voice that is smooth like caramel. We'll make sure to share his most hilarious happenings with you.

This is What We Hear.

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Parkour: run, jump, swing, roll, GO

What is it about seeing the 'Red Bull' logo on anything that makes you think, god this is going to be exciting?  Great marketing for one, but also it's also always bloody true.  On a peruse of Vimeo I discovered this Red Bull video on Parkour.  I looked up the term Parkour and it's extremely cool - it is a holistic training discipline using movement, it was developed out of military obstacle course training.  The idea is to keep your momentum going using any type of movement like running, climbing, vaulting, flipping, rolling, swinging, jumping... all whilst trying to maintain balance and safety.  Parkour has become increasingly popular from movies like District 13 and is a very cool thing to watch, especially if it is filmed in some sort of cool Urban space.  This one was set in the Turkish Old City of Mardin.

Red Bull Mardin Parkour from Daghan Celayir on Vimeo

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A little French town called Bergerac

In a small town in the South West of France there once lived a man with a very large nose... Cyrano de Bergerac.  It is said that people travelled from miles around just to see this spectacular site, his unbelievably large nose.  See for yourself: (what a profile)


As well as the nose, Bergerac is such a beautiful French village, you can see how Cyrano de Bergerac was so inspired to write his stories that would go on to inspire many subsequent writers.



Here one writer who's been inspired by the nose and the village, Little Wing's Nicole.



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Lorde: Sheer Bravado


Who is this beautiful lady?  Well, I can tell you that she is merely 16 years old and has started a music revelation that is spreading wildly from the shores of New Zealand.

Lorde has an amazingly powerful voice that demands control through your speakers, she also has a pretty sweet rap style going on at times.  Her songs are mixed with some rad modern beats that make you want to hit the floor.  As well as being a talented musical gem, she also has a mass of 80's curls that any girl would die for.  She's a pretty special lady, have a listen!

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You haven’t heard of the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Recipe Book

Well, if you haven't heard about it then you may have been living under a small rock recently as the 'Paleo' way of eating has exploded among foodies and is becoming one of the fastest growing food trends ever.  The Paleo diet is also sometimes referred to as 'The Caveman Diet' because it supports the following awesome mantra: "if you can't kill it or grow it, don't eat it!"  Basically, it means cutting out all artificial and man-made substances from your diet and resorting back to the presumed way that we used to eat in ancient times.. when we didn't have easy-to-slice, bleached white bread at hand to pop in the toaster when we were peckish.

Cavemen and hunter gathers alike had to work for their food, they had to grow it, pick it or kill it and then even prepare it as well.. can you imagine such an era?  I love the simplicity of the way of eating that comes along with this diet - in fact, I don't believe "diet" to be the appropriate term for this, "diet" makes it seem slightly intimidating as I'm sure we can all agree.  No, Paleo is more of a way of life, a few simple changes to make to improve our eating habits.  In abolishing all artificial things from our diets we, in turn, can look forward to less illness and disease, more energy and a better ability to concentrate.  Perhaps we could achieve a lot more if we took some advice from Cavemen and worked for our food.

Click Here to check out an amazing Paleo Recipe Book that shows you exactly how to eat the Paleo way!

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