A Magical Parade

In November 2012, the streets of Knightsbridge witnessed a truly spectacular event.  The collaboration of Disney and Harrods was highly anticipated in the months approaching the event.  Londonites and visitors alike lined the streets outside of Harrods, poised and ready to witness the unveiling of the Christmas windows.  Here's a little preview:

Quivering in the cold, we grabbed some meatball soup and warmed our bellies while we waited for the show to start.  And woe, was it a show.  All of a sudden, Disney music started blaring out all around the streets and then, despite all of the traffic on Brompton road, a glowing Cinderella carriage appeared being pulled by six beautiful white horses.

(Alas, I wasn't in the best position for photo taking)

From the carriage emerged a very real Cinderella and the Fairy God Mother.  Their looks and mannerisms were un-canny.

After the show, I realised that my cheeks were hurting because I was grinning so much throughout.  I guess I still have a soft spot for Disney...  Who doesn't right!?

The night ended with a bang...

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