A Lesson of Expression Inspired by the Great Lady GaGa

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 Well, there have certainly been been mixed views about Lady GaGa ever since she started to become widely known, I personally believe this is because people just don’t know how to read her!  I certainly don’t understand a lot of the things that she does, but I do know that I find her extremely creative and intriguing.
I have chosen to showcase Lady GaGa as a particular musing for us because she encompasses a lot of what Little Wing is about.  Lady Gaga is an outrageous fashion icon, a misunderstood (at times) artist and an amazing musical talent, someone who is not afraid to experiment and break boundaries… really break boundaries!I love the fact that she is so random and confident with what she does.  She expresses herself in so many ways, through fashion, music and stage design.  GaGa is not alone however, she has a crazy creative team behind her, known as the ‘Haus of GaGa’, they are a group of artists and designers who help to come up with some of GaGa’s famous creations.  Although she has all of these creative people to help her, when it comes to the performance or the public appearance, GaGa is the one showcase the work of these artists and herself, she is the only one there to take either the praise or take the slaughter!

In my opinion, GaGa is an inspiration because of her confidence and her creative expression.  Most of us would say that we do express ourselves through our clothes, music choice, even the way we walk, talk and carry ourselves.  It can be said however, a lot of us are much too safe with our choices.  If everyone had a little bit more of GaGa’s fearlessness in them, I believe the world would be a much more creative, interesting and forgive me for bieng so blunt.. FUN place to live in.

I put it to everyone reading, try and overstep your boundaries of expression just one step further and see where it takes you, it may just give us all the extra boost of confidence to jazz up our current selves!

Check out some of the Haus of GaGa's amazing creations at:

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