A completely biased review of the Mrs. Carter Tour

mrs carter show

I'm currently listening to "I Care" by Beyoncé on full blast. In my head, there's some ridiculous scenario playing out where I'm either singing it with her in front of thousands of screaming fans or I'm at my local pub and suddenly I get handed a microphone and as if by magic I'm belting the lyrics out, note for note, along with the electric guitar - just like Queen B.

I seriously love her, guys. I'm completely unapologetic about the fact that I look up to her as a woman, admire her as an artist and for her relentless aspiration to be the best. She is the biggest, most fabulous super star of my generation and no one comes close to matching her calibre. This notion, by the way, is arguable but I'm not putting it up for discussion. So this is why I am hugely indebted to my dear friend for getting me a ticket to the Mrs. Cater Tour at the O2 in London recently. I don't know what black magic she had to pull to get them, but she did and one had my name on it.

Now, the concert. There have been mixed reviews, some praising it for Beyoncé's compelling vocals and choreography; some slating "her booty-shaking, self-assertion" because well, they're haters (yes, I'm judging you Simon Price from the Telegraph). This post biased because what follows is certainly not a balanced view. In the two hours I was there amidst a largely female crowd who knew pretty much every word to every song, I was left speechless and in complete awe tune after tune. Opening with her unmistakable girl-power anthem, Run the World (Girls), Beyonce was enthralling to watch from the get go and her all-girl dance crew and all-girl band kicked ass. Yes, it was a little weird that she said something along the lines of "I can see the hive is full tonight," implying that we're like her little bee workers, which I'm guessing is the kind of comment that sparked criticism over her self-adulation. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the vibes of "ancient goddess worship ceremony" because, after all, that's what we were there for and it's really no different than the god-like status we give to many music legends. A big concert like that is about the whole experience, not only about the music and not only about the performance - it should marry up the two to make an unforgettable show.

In a nutshell, I was expecting an amazing night and she delivered the goods. That woman can seriously sing her heart out. And dance her ass off. Particular props need to be given to Les Twins (her only two male dancers on tour with her). They were insane! Watch them here.

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