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Stylish Hardware by Melon Optics

“We work hard and we like to ride hard, so our equipment always takes a beating.”

Melon Optics gear demonstrates excellent craftsmanship cleverly combined with simple, refined design. For those of us who don’t want to forgo the action in the name of style, this is a brand that speaks volumes.

From goggles, to sunglasses for daily wear, to pretty cool apparel basics, you want to get your hands on anything with their trademark. Not to mention they're totally affordable. We urge you to have a peek at their website - if not for shopping, at least for their video-led blog entries, which will leave you day-dreaming about your next extreme adventure.

Stand-out pieces include their customisable classic design the LAYBACK and the TRIPPER from the premium collection… *swoon*


Words by: Nicole

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Time to be Stupid ASC

Wearing their hearts on their sleeves the duo behind Stupid ASC have created a label worth noting. For Harvey and Cat, if you’re not one to take life too seriously, you’re pretty much part of the gang.

Although the brand was born in Les Deux Alpes, a small town high in the mountains, it aims to capture the imagination of “every like-minded idiot around the planet, from the Alpes, to the sea, to the cities and beyond.”

Stupid ASC The Icon Sweatshirt

Mirroring the unwritten lifestyle rules of the extreme sport maverick, Stupid ASC blends snow and surf functionality with street wear influences. The result is a range of clothing that is durable, comfortable and timeless – something everyone with a seasonal hobby or profession undoubtedly needs.

Their AW14 collection combines ski resort living with touches of modern utilitarian design, engineered for any environment. Their signature piece has to be their exclusive piste-map camo sweatshirt, featuring a selection of their favourite Alpine resorts and snowboarding spots remixed into a digital sublimated print. We highly recommend getting your hands on one.

Stupid ASC The Icon Sweatshirt

Other favourite picks include the fold-up white camo t-shirt – an epic addition to your basics wardrobe – and the burgundy riding shirt.

So if you have the confident fearlessness to jump headlong 100% into everything, you probably deserve to have Stupid ASC clothing on you at all times.

(It's worth noting they have a small selection for women on their website, too!)


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